Moscowa Cemetery & Crematorium

Moscowa Cemetery & Crematorium (1873), on the Waterbergseweg 18 in Arnhem (the Netherlands), lies in delightful surroundings and, aside from being a last resting place, is also popular with walkers. Moscowa is not only full of history, but is also very contemporary. We always begin with people's individual wishes.

Personalised ceremonies
Moscowa has two wonderful auditoriums. Both have a characteristic gable roof and a spectacular stained glass rear facade. The ceremony may be structured as you wish. You may play (live) music, and display images on modern equipment. The speakers, images and music can all be chosen by you.

After the ceremony, we offer extensive catering options in our tasteful reception areas. During receptions, we serve coffee and patisserie, but sumptuously filled rolls or soup are also possible. Or would you rather opt for one of our special arrangements? The possibilities are endless.

Memorial park
Moscowa has non-denominational, Catholic and Islamic sections. Various graves are available in each of the different sections and there are personal graves, where you can create a spot with your own (family) identity. There is a wide range of options for personal memorials, too: extravagant or modest, traditional or modern, but always ‘individual’, and that’s what makes a grave extra special as a memorial.

After a cremation there are also countless possibilities. A personal memorial is possible here too in Moscowa's wonderful natural surroundings. The bereaved have an increasing range of options for placing a personalised monument. These might be wooden sculptures or a striking glass object. The memorial park contains unusual, often artistic monuments, giving the memorial park the character of an art or sculpture park.

Ornamental urns and ash jewellery – for a portion of the ashes – are available in all shapes, materials and colours.If you choose to scatter the ashes, you can do that too at Moscowa in one of the natural meadows.

We would be pleased to advise you about the options for memorials. After an appointment in our display area, where you can view all the different memorials, urns, monuments, ash jewellery and art objects, we will give you a tour of the park and show you all the possibilities. 

Interesting in cultural-historical terms
Moscowa is of course primarily a memorial park. But owing to some graves being very old and with a wide diversity of landscapes, Moscowa is also of high cultural-historical value. Many parts are designated as national or municipal monuments. And a park with that kind of history naturally contains many curiosities and unusual stories. Do you know for example that the highest point in Arnhem lies in Moscowa? Or that over 260 species of trees can be found in the memorial park, a number of which are very rare? Partly because of this, Moscowa has compiled the book ‘Wandelen op Moscowa’ [Walking at Moscowa], which is available in Tearoom Moscowa. This book leads visitors past many special monuments and delightful spots. The map that is included shows you where to find the spots described in the book.

And internationally, too, Moscowa is recognised as cultural heritage. In 2013, Moscowa was invited to become a member of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE). This association was founded to create a European network of unusual cemeteries. Members include Père-Lachaise in Paris, Montjuic in Barcelona and Cimitero del Verano in Rome. Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium (like Moscowa part of ‘the Facultatieve Group) is also a member of the ASCE.

Tearoom Moscowa
The unique Tearoom is open daily for queries about the location of a certain memorial spot or to buy flowers. It serves food and drink, of course. On Sundays, there are regular ‘events’ in the Tearoom; a flower-arranging or sculpture workshop, for instance, or a reading by a mourning guide. It is open seven days a week from 10.00 to 16.00 hours.

You can always contact us for further information, or to make an appointment. We would be pleased to show you around the buildings and the park. Our office is open on Mondays to Fridays from 08.30 to 16.30 hours. Call +31 (0)26 445 6347 or send an e-mail to